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The New Year is well underway and it’s starting to feel as if Spring is thinking about, well, springing!  Here in the Midwest this is a VERY. BIG. DEAL.  Spring invites us to wake up, to get outside and fills our homes and lungs with fresh air, to welcome the new, bright and beautiful back into our lives.  Now, I’m a realist at heart, and recognize it’s only the beginning of March.  Yes, our snowiest month is just coming in, and as we all know, how it comes in, and how it goes out, are often two very different things.  What direction Spring will go, and how it will arrive, is always a mystery.

It reminds me of how often in our lives, how we start things, and how they end, are often, also, very different things.  How many times have you been absolutely lit up with passion about something; a new project, idea, platform, agenda, only to get a solid foot hold and realize, this is NOT what you thought it was going to be?  Or to follow something in a direction that seems “right” in every way, only to end up in a place that was almost unidentifiable compared to where you “thought” is was going to go? OR, how often have you avoided what you knew was an inner truth, hoping you could ignore it forever and accordingly not have to change yourself, or your life, only to discover that the change you feared, was the greatest gift you could ever have received into your life?  This is often how Mystery unfolds.  When I was working full time as a massage therapist, I remember distinctly my reluctance to bring my intuitive information forward with my clients. I had worked on personal and intuitive development for years believing it was all about helping me heal myself, and my own life, and to learn to create actively in my own world.   It took me many energetic whacks upside the head during a particular session to begin to realize I was given this information for a reason, and that reason was, to help other people heal.  I’m not kidding, I was actually energetically struck alongside my head THREE TIMES with a board before I gave in and told the client I was working with, what I was experiencing.  As it turns out, it was a trauma story she was holding from earlier in her own life, and as our conversation and energy work went along, she was able to work with and shift that old story out of her way. Doing so enabled her to engage in her life with a manner of confidence and empowerment that she hadn’t experienced in herself, in YEARS!

Going forward, I was quite sure people would think I was nuts, and really, wonder who I thought I was, to believe that as a simple little farm girl from Stearns County, I could have a “gift” that others didn’t have.   Now, several years later, I’ve been lead into a wonderful practice of helping other people identify their truth, and heal themselves, and align with the light and beauty of who they are in their Spirit and Soul.  I never could have imagined where that day in my treatment room would take me. Today I hold incredible excitement of where Mystery will lead me in the future.  Writer/Author John Maxwell encourages us to be “insatiably curious” in our lives. So, I invite you to join me, in this great new year, to stay insatiably curious, to wonder with excitement and anticipation, just where will mystery lead you


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