I’m driving to the cabin last night, visiting with a friend. She’s asking me about work stuff, going forward stuff, collaboration stuff. As she talking she mentions to me what has been coming to her in her meditation time, and then asks me “so, what have you been getting”? … What?
I awake this morning wondering why I’m really not getting anything. why I often don’t feel inspired, or really, very inspiring. Why some people I enjoy are so eloquent with their words, their perspectives, their Spiritual insights, and I feel like I’m missing it. Why? The answer it comes to me, is quite simple. I’M NOT FRIGGIN’ PAYING ATTENTION!!!!
well, that was easy. I contemplate how I get lost in the constant stream of thoughts running through my very active brain. How one thoughts just leads me unknowingly into the next thought, and the next, and so on. How much of the time I’m spending running in my head, and totally not in the moment, or even close to being in my body. Wow. Happy new year, you’re a total putz! The solution is so simple; stop, breathe, recognize what’s happening in the moment, really SEE AND EXPERIENCE my life as I’m living it. Well, no problem. My efforts last me about 10 seconds. “ok”, I think, “this could be harder than I thought”. I typically think of myself as pretty connected to the whole, pretty aware of Spirit. Who the heck am I kidding? ME! The ego is tough, and she had me nicely convinced I was doing it the way of awareness. Sneaky. Very sneaky.

So, I commit my day, myself, to the glory of true presence, or at least as present as my humanness can be. I sat, I breathed, I looked outside, I closed my eyes, I paid attention to those thoughts running through my head, not being in them, just listening to them from outside of them, and then again, connecting to my breath. After several minutes it occurs to me how much more relaxed I feel, how much clearer my vision is, how calm the inside of my body is. ‘This is really nice’.

I’ve been incredibly busy lately, most of us are. Except if we think about ‘lately”, its really been always, as long as we can remember, since we were kids. I’m always busy, and I know its not just me.
this present moment stuff is challenging. Not because its hard, but because we’re so highly trained to stay moving, to stay busy, to get our sense of ourselves from the outside world that we forget there is an inside world. I’d love to suggest we just all slow down, but this is the real world, and there is without doubt, STUFF that needs to get done, and for most of us, we’re the ones who are going to do it if its going to get done. I’m not asking anyone, or even myself to stop doing life, I’m asking myself, and all of us together, to stop for a few minutes everyday and breathe. To invite ourselves to observe the running around inside our heads so we can recognize an ability to not be in it, and to simply observe the stress of it, so we can let it go a little more each time. it’s a practice, its breaking old habits to start new ones. It’s a new year, why not? I know, because I’ve been there before, that the more often I stop and be still in the moment, the more I want to stop and be in the moment, the more that I stop and be in the moment. Its spreads in a beautiful ripple through my life, and I love it!

It occurs to me also, that there is a high price to pay for NOT being in the moment, not truly being in my life. I’m missing it. I’m throwing away preciousness, that I will NEVER, EVER get back AGAIN. each moment of our time here on earth is unique, its special and it will NEVER be repeated. Sure, you may go the same places, be with the same people, but you will NEVER be in THAT place, with THOSE people at that EXACT moment in time ever again. Once a second of time is gone, it’s gone forever, never to be repeated. Holy s—t! that’s an idea that should motivate all of us to pay attention! Its true, each second is fleeting, its here and its gone and we’re on to the next one, constantly. Maybe we should be present for as many as we can. Yes, we must sleep, and eat and go to the bathroom, and shower, and I’m not suggesting these are unworthy wasting of time in our lives. I’m simply saying, the lets actually be present for life, our loves, our people, our passions. Our sorrows, our grief, our anger, all of it. Its all us, its all ours, its our fleeting existence happening every moment. Let’s be there for it.

So, let’s do this together. When I’m better inside myself, I’m better for everyone and everything outside my head. So are you. That’s where positive change starts, and stops.
it’s a brand-new year. Let’s start to pay closer attention to ourselves, our lives, to each moment we’re in and part of. Let’s stop, let’s breathe, let’s recognize the value in each moment we’re in.
after all, it is OUR life, we should be present for it.
love and blessings